Many employers have been tackling the issue of stress and burnout in the workplace for some time now. However, mental health stretches beyond just that.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a neurodevelopmental challenge which can impact an individual throughout their lives. According to research overseas , ADHD occurs in about 5% of children, with more than 50% continuing to meet the criteria for ADHD as they age.

As these individuals enter the workforce, issues stemming from the disorder can sometimes negatively impact them at work. However, those diagnosed with ADHD can still flourish and be successful with the right tools.

Join Dr Kavita Bhargava as she unpacks more about the understanding of ADHD through the mind rather than the brain, the symptoms of ADHD as well as success strategies to cope with the disorder.

In partnership with Spark, we also invite our guest speakers ; Richard Slovenski, an experienced senior leader and entrepreneur and Eden Heng, a 2-time startup entrepreneur, both of whom were diagnosed with ADHD later on in their lives, to share their own lived experiences and how they have coped with ADHD.

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