Testimonials from Corporate clients

“It’s great to have Safe Space team as partners. Not only do they have Experts who clearly give our employees knowledge, they also give practical tips and solutions. During sessions, they also engage the audience. But what I love most is that, they work with us to customize their content to make sure that the topics are highly relevant for our teams and our industry.”


Regional Director, Talent Development

“The Wellness services offered by Safe Space company were effective with a good reporting format & statistics. Group sessions were structured and the instructors were patient and supportive during 1-1s. Overall, our experience with Safe Space™ company’s Wellness services is great. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a safe and effective way to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.”

Krishna Chaithanya

Site Leader at Genpact

“Their dedication and commitment to our employees and dependents is outstanding. We appreciate their attention details and approach. We hope this partnership can continue well into the future.”

Pei Jin

Medical Specialist

“THE EAP system to go for!
Safe Space has proven to be an indispensable asset to our organization, offering vital support. Through their EAP services, our employees have had access to a secure and confidential environment to confront personal challenges and sources of stress. The counselors demonstrated empathy, proficiency, and a sincere dedication to guiding them through their issues, resulting in an overall improvement in well-being and the establishment of a harmonious equilibrium between work and personal life. Safe Space’s resources and guidance have played a pivotal role in bolstering both mental health and productivity among our workforce.”

Jia Wen

Regional Total Rewards, LUXASIA Pte Ltd

“We started working with Safe Space in 2023 and our first session on Mental Health was really well received and appreciated by our staff.  In addition to the good quality of the service it’s an absolute pleasure working with the team. I am very happy with our partnership and look forward for much more.”


Talent Management Director, D-EDGE

“Safe space™ has worked with us to tailor a referral process that is mutually suitable. They have been responsive to our referrals made and onboarding emails to clients have been sent to clients promptly after referrals. They also provided update on the statistics of how many onboarded clients have actually started to use the platform. The platform provides the flexibility and autonomy for clients who have individual preferences with regards to their therapy needs that might not be met by other therapy options. It empowers clients to play an active role in their recovery journey through the process of enrolling and selecting therapists based on their needs. It is our go-to platform to recommend clients when they have specific preferences. Do consider adding Safe Space as an option for therapy services for your clients.”

Nastasia Jasmine Tang

Associate Psychologist, Institute of Mental Health

As times are changing and progressing quicker than ever, I am glad that amc asia! has a strong partnership with Safe Space that allows our talents to utilise their services to get the help and care they need. On top of that, Safe Space maintains confidentiality and professionalism!”

Esther Tan

HR Executive at AMC

Choosing SafeSpace as our EAP provider was a no-brainer – the breadth of services available, high-touch service from the team, and excellent user experience allowed us to provide a great mental wellness resource to our team. SafeSpace provides a people-centric experience and is simply amazing in everything they do.”


Senior HR Specialist at Accela

“The convenience Safe Space™ provides, makes it easier for our employees to reach out for support. We want to ensure our employees get all the support and help they can & Safe Space provides that exactly.”


HR Specialist, Keywords International Pte Ltd

“It’s been a pleasure partnering with Antoinette (Safe Space) on some of the programs and initiatives. It’s heartwarming to witness the pioneering work she is leading in the space of Mental Well-being. I am so excited to see what the future holds for Antoinette and this path-breaking adventure she has embarked upon!”

Rachna Nazir

Head of HR APAC at Airbnb

“Fantastic webinar session! It’s the first time I see SO MANY people asking questions and the attendance rate was kept constant with no dropouts!”

Janice Lim

Director of Talent Development, Ogilvy Asia

“We would like to thank you for the great session.
We have received an overall good response and feedback from the team.
Many of our participants have found the content and the tips provided on
how to manage stress at work helpful and useful. Many also appreciated
your professionalism while delivering the class.”

Audina Choong

SVP and Head of HR Greater China & South East Asia at ASSA ABLOY

“We are excited to partner with a leading digital mental healthcare provider whose core values align closely with the conference objective of bolstering mental resilience of our healthcare professionals. Apart from delving into the contemporary practices that support modern day psychology and psychotherapy, together with Safe Space we want to explore how technology can complement the human touch points in clinical practice. We believe the session will ease practitioners to seamlessly integrate technology to unlock effective sessions with their clients”

Naomi Cranswick

Publisher at Human Resources Online

“The increased awareness of the importance of maintaining mental well-being has fuelled demand for more information and self-help guides in this area. We saw the need and decided to work with Safe Space to co-create this course. We hope that through this course, people will discover the importance of developing empathy towards others, especially during these challenging times. More importantly, the course will help participants to identify their sources of stress and learn tips on how to stay mentally resilient. Our decision to deliver the course via online platform was inspired by the rise in demand for online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. The 24/7 online course also enables it to be readily accessible to more people”

Ms Tan Ching Ching

Director at The Sandbox, NP’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Office

Partnering with Safe Space™ provides value add to all our clients seeking to improve themselves. Therapists in Safe Space are very professional, passionate and caring, helping to contribute to client’s mental wellness”

Tricia Fan

Fleek Image

“Very interactive webinars! Our employees are happy with the webinars and topics are interesting and engaging.
Antoinette and her team is very supportive too!”

May Tan

HR & Corporate Affairs General Manager, Hitachi High-Tech (Singapore)

“It’s good to see that the collaboration between Syfe and Safe Space™ has expanded.
Safe Space™ is delivering high quality corporate education sessions; as seen by the good employee turnout for Safe Space™’s Imposter Syndrome webinar. There’s an opportunity for mutual growth.”

Laurens Koppelaar

Head of Partnerships, Syfe Pte Ltd

“The talk on Managing Burnout went really well – glad Wan Ting was able to accommodate a face-to-face session at short notice. We received loads of positive feedback from the team – one colleague even reached out and shared that she wanted to set up a chat with Wan Ting after. Thanks to the Safe Space team for organising!”

Bhavna Khemaney

Manager, People & Culture, RICE Communications

“As a team, we thought the webinar was extremely useful – we had a good balance of people who said they would’ve liked the speaker to dive deeper into certain topics and those who thought the whole session covered everything adequately for a first webinar”

Bud communications

FundedHere is taking a more active step towards sustainable investing. This means that looking at Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives is no longer a good-to-have but absolutely critical. Safe Space marks our foray into sustainable investing and we are pleased to be able to work with Antoinette and her team to achieve this aspirational goal.”

Daniel Lin

Co-founder and CEO of FundedHere

The increasing pressures of society, compounded by the effects of COVID-19, is taking its toll on all of us and often so, we need help to process some of these overwhelming challenges. Antoinette has found a way to make help accessible by providing quality care and subsidised rates, while maintaining an individual’s confidentiality.”

Andy Lim

Pan-Asian private equity fund manager Tembusu Partners

Testimonials for Safe Space™

“Taking the decision to be helped is not easy, SafeSpace has been a very convenient way to make that move confidently.”



“Safe Space™ has been a very useful platform in helping me find a therapist in a short amount of time and it takes away the finanicial worry of ‘Is this $200/hr therapy session worth it?’ when going to in-person therapy. Furthermore it allows me to access therapy sessions from the comfort of my home, without needing to travel 2 hours on public transit for a 1 hour session.”



“Attending therapy at Safe Space™ was one of the best decisions I’ve made.”



“Safe Space‘s short wait time to speak with a therapist really helps with reducing the lag time between needing help and getting help. Platform is intuitive. Therapists are professional and great to work with. I’ve been recommending Safe Space to my friends too :)”



“Safe Space has made researching a therapist much less daunting and more fuss-free. The space doesn’t seem too clinical or intimidating and it has an accessible vibe to it.”



“After around 6 sessions with my therapist, I felt more self aware of my behavioural patterns and she has allowed me to express my thoughts and feelings in a very safe and non judgemental manner. The first (two) steps are always the hardest to overcome but you can only benefit from being open and honest with your counsellor.”



“Getting access to a therapist quickly is perhaps the most powerful way for someone to get started. If I were in a fret and had to wait for my first session with a 1-2 months delay, I’d end up not seeking help”



“Safe Space is so accessible and convenient that I was able to book my consultation at 3am in the morning when the demons invaded my mind. Booking was instant and in a week or so, I was able to meet my therapist.”



“It (Safe Space™) became a great option that is much more convenient and less intimidating as reaching out for help can be very scary the first time round.”



The process of selecting a therapist according to your needs is an easy step on Safe Space platform. Admin staffs and therapist are so kind and understanding, always willing to help. Session with Srividhya has been comforting, very professional and makes me feel heard. She asks questions to stimulate my thoughts and provides insightful advice which I can apply to my problems. Thank you Safe Space!”



“Safe Space is convenient and an easily accessible platform with affordable prices that lets you see your preferred therapist. My therapist has helped me improve my overall state of well being and aiming to achieve a better outlook on my own personal life”



Safe Space™ is a great online service for counselling. With mental health being more and more talked about, I think it is great that a platform like this exists for people to get help more conveniently. Safe Space has provided me an outlet to express myself and introspect without judgement, and has made me become more self-aware of my feelings and thoughts.”



Testimonials for our Therapists

“This platform increases accessibility of therapy for the masses, which is extremely important in this day and age where mental health should and MUST be prioritised. I trust Dr Jasmine and look forward to every session with her.”



I’m very happy with my first session with a therapist. She (Wan Ting) gave me a safe space to talk without judgement, even if I don’t always like video calls. Looking forward to our next session!”


Cecilia’s holistic way of breaking down my emotions and responses to them have been eye opening and greatly help me with my understanding of myself.”



“Dr Yeo has definitely help me shape my thoughts and feelings despite only having 2 sessions with her. I feel like I am receiving feedback and advice from someone who is outside of the situation as well, allowing me to take in the information from a different perspective. She also made me more aware of my thought patterns, and how my actions lead to such thoughts or habits etc. I have definitely grown a lot and will always keep in mine the advice she has given.”



“She (Suraya Ali) has helped me identify that some of my coping mechanisms are short term solutions and may incur even greater problems in the future. The exercises we did were very self enriching and it made me realise about certain things that I didn’t know about myself.”



In view of marriage and work challenges, I was finding it very difficult to manage my emotions and stress level. My sleep and relationship with others were affected, and I am constantly unhappy and resentful. I am glad I took the first step to search for virtual counselling sessions and found Safe Space. Cordelia is always patient in listening and gently suggesting ways to help me manage better. I feel that I am able to cope with things better now, and am confident that I will get even better in time. This is one of the best investments I have made for myself.”



“(Priscilla Tang) Gave me more hope that my case can still be fixed.”


Even though it was our first session together, I felt safe with Aditi almost immediately. I’m only rating whether the therapist and the session was a good fit an 8 because there’s room to grow in future sessions. I had no fear of being judged and didn’t feel the need to censor. Aditi provided a space that allowed me to speak freely while also giving valuable insight and advice. I’m looking forward to progress and our next session.”


“I love her! (Wan Ting) !! Shared with her something personal today and I feel that the weight on my shoulders have been lifted off completely. So grateful to have the past 3 sessions with her :)”


“(Michael Thong) Helpful and informative therapist.”


“(Nicholas Victor) Great Therapist”