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Trusted by 100+ global employers across Asia, Oceania and Africa

Safe Space™ provides the tool that the employer needs to improve your employees’ mental well-being.

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Mental Health Research

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Real-Time Employee Insights

With our comprehensive insight dashboard, you can capture the warning signs early, and offer the right help at the right time.

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Counselling Sessions

Webinars / Workshops

Mental Health Research

HR Consultant

Real-Time Employee Insights

Safe Space™ HR Dashboard is where you manage all Safe Space corporate services. Not sure if this is the right tool yet? Try it out for free then decide later.

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Safe Space™ has received our ISO 27001 certification in May 2023!

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Life-changing improvement for your employees and actionable insights for your business

92% users reported Safe Space™ having a better impact on their mental well-being as compared to other solutions.
Source: Safe Space™ 2022 Q4 Impact Measurement Survey

96% Users agreed that Safe Space™ makes a positive impact on their mental health.
Source: Safe Space™ 2022 Q4 Impact Measurement Survey

Safe Space™’s net-promoter score is 2x higher than other EAP providers.
Source: Qualtrics

Have counselling anywhere, anytime, and with any clinical professionals at your preference

Support more than 29 languages including dialect

Connect with over 300 clinical therapists and coaches across Asia, Oceania, Middle East, Europe and North America.

Get matched with a clinical professional fast & easy.

Pay as you go with fee as low as S$30 / hour. No subscription.

Attend the appointment with as short as 2 hours waiting time.

Supported by over 300 strictly vetted clinical therapists

Experience, Expertise, Reliability

It can be hard to find therapists that are right for you, which is why we’ve compiled a list of therapists in the area who work with different mental health issues. Whether you’re struggling with an addiction or just need someone to talk to about your feelings, you have a safe space together with our highly vetted experts.

Testimonials from our clients

“Very interactive webinars! Our employees are happy with the webinars and topics are interesting and engaging. The team is very supportive too!”—May Tan, HR & Corporate Affairs General Manager, Hitachi High-Tech (Singapore)
“Safe Space™’s short wait time to speak with a therapist really helps with reducing the lag time between needing help and getting help. Platform is intuitive. Therapists are professional and great to work with. I’ve been recommending Safe Space to my friends too :)”—Anonymous, 26
“The Wellness services offered by Safe Space™ company were effective with a good reporting format & statistics. Group sessions were structured and the instructors were patient and supportive during 1-1s. Overall, our experience with Safe Space™ company’s Wellness services is great. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a safe and effective way to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.”—Krishna Chaithanya, Site Leader at Genpact
“My therapist provided a great listening ear and tips on how to have positive thinking and better understand my thought patterns. She was patient, helpful and compassionate!”—Anonymous, 29

Our Highlights

Online Therapy & Counselling Resources From Free 24/7 Listeners to Anonymous Counselling

“It’s no secret that for all the glitz and glamour that is living in Singapore, life can get quite stressful here, especially for those constantly on the grind. Thankfully, the stigma on mental health…” 

World Mental Health Day 2021: These wellness apps will keep your mental health in check

“Mental health upkeep (a notoriously underrated endeavour) is a collection of efforts that looks different for everyone..What the right wellness apps can do, however, is serve as approachable options in your personal rolodex of mental health tools.

Singapore Firms Nudged to Boost Staff Mental Wellness Amid Covid-19 Crisis

“Frontline workers are also getting a helping hand when it comes to mental wellness. Singapore-based startup Safe Space™ said on April 24 that is providing free counselling services for frontline health workers amid the Covid-19 situation…”

How do therapy sessions with Safe Space™ work?

Safe Space offers personalised online and face-to-face therapy sessions in APAC, AU and Africa.

We ask the client to fill out an assessment form so that our algorithm can match their needs to the right therapist.

Safe Space™ therapy sessions are tailored to the lifestyle and commitments of the client. Licensed, qualified, and experienced Safe Space™ therapists provide each client with a bespoke course of treatment.

After a consultation in which the ground rules and expectations are outlined, therapy sessions will begin.

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