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By going for family counselling, it can enhance skills required for healthy family functioning.


Your therapist can be a relationship guide to help strengthen your relationship and support each other for the long-run.


Improve communication and interpersonal skills, increased confidence, better anger and emotion management, relief from anxiety and depression.


Help your friend or family member take their first step into speaking with a professional therapist anytime, anywhere.

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They said

Thank you for doing The Woke Salaryman collab! I have a friend who's from Indonesia and she's been struggling with her mental health a lot - but she's considered a foreigner here and have been really hesitant about seeking therapy because of the cost. I forwarded it immediately to her but I'm not sure whether she signed up, but I just wanted to share how thankful I am and appreciated this is!

“We are thankful that Safe Space has allowed us to provide our clients with the help they in addition to our dating and image services. The team has been a delight to work with!”

Dolly Fleek Coach. (B2B)

"Safespace does a good job of marketing and visibility in projecting the Counsellors. Also there is flexibility to the Counsellors to take on clients based on their work load. Thankyou safe space."

Srividhya Sridhar Freelance Counsellor (Singapore)

"It has been a privilege to work with Safe Space from its start and witness its exciting growth. The readiness of the current video counselling platform was timely given the unwelcome onset of the pandemic. Kudos to Anto for her passion and consistently looking out for the interests of Safe Space therapists. I am grateful for this opportunity to be a part of the professional mental health community to avail help to the public."

Cecilia Mok Freelance Psychotherapist (Singapore)

Safe Space has been my first online platform for counselling, I was not sure if I will be able to do online counselling as I have been so used to providing face-to-face counselling, yet Safe Space team has made it easy for me to make online counselling possible, especially in the midst of this global pandemic. Thank you Safe Space team!

Carla Wangsahardja Freelance Counsellor (Jakarta)

Safe Space has given me a listening ear when I felt like I had no voice. It provided me with a clear assessment of who I am when I felt lost. My counsellor showed me only compassion and unconditional positive regard, and has helped me realise so much. I highly recommend Safe Space to anyone out there who needs a listening ear. Sometimes talking to friends or bottling things up just doesn’t cut it anymore, and before you feel tempted to spiral into self-hate and depths of pain, reach out. Reach out and speak to someone who’s enabled to help you. Safe Space provides that.

Safe Space has been a great platform for me to engage with. They have been deliberate and precise with their intention to make the logistics around counselling so easy. I am truly grateful for their effort and dedication to make mental health accessible, to open up the discussions on it and to provide an online platform for it. Thank you.

Deepika Mulchandani Freelance Counsellor & Psychotherapist (Singapore)

“Safe Space provides an option for people who are not ready for face-to-face counselling to take a small step towards it through the online platform. I applaud the team for making the option available”

Rose Faquir Clinical Counsellor & Supervisor @ Restoring Peace

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