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Create a holistic work environment for you and your team. At Safe Space™, you can provide measurable, long-term results for your company.
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Our Impact

Your team has its own culture, and with the customisation at Safe Space™, you get a mental well-being program that’s right for you. Our quarterly impact measurement analysis and customer satisfaction ratings show how well our partners’ programs have run over the past years.

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of our users agreed that Safe Space had a positive impact on their mental health.
“Safe Space has helped me to accept myself and my feelings, so that I am able to become my most confident and stable self today.”

The top 3 improvements to our users’
mental well-being were:

Better understanding of feelings

Better self-awareness

Reduced anxiety


Net Promoter Score

“Safe Space’s short wait time to speak with a therapist really helps with reducing the lag time between needing help and getting help. I’ve been recommending Safe Space to my friends too :)”

Benchmark Source: Qualtrics


of users reported Safe Space having a better impact on their mental well-being as compared to other solutions.

“The therapists at Safe Space have helped me to recognise and undo the harmful thinking patterns that I have developed from growing up in an abusive household. It has helped me to move forward in my life to reach my full potential..”

Our Impact on Corporate Clients

With over 60 corporate clients, Safe Space™’s custom EAP is helping global businesses create sustainable policies around mental health and wellness.


Employee Utilisation Rate

“After around 6 sessions with my therapist, I felt more self aware of my behavioural patterns and she has allowed me to express my thoughts and feelings in a very safe and non judgemental manner. The first (two) steps are always the hardest to overcome but you can only benefit from being open and honest with your counsellor.”

Benchmark Source: University of Maryland

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