Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on Therapy Sessions

How do online therapy sessions with Safe Space work?

Safe Space offers personalised online therapy sessions in Singapore. We ask the patient to fill out an assessment form so that our algorithm can match their needs to the right therapist. Safe Space online therapy sessions are tailored to the lifestyle and commitments of the patient. Licensed, qualified, and experienced Safe Space therapists provide each client with a bespoke course of treatment. After a consultation in which the ground rules and expectations are outlined, online therapy sessions will begin.

Can I have session anywhere, even if I'm outside Singapore?

Yes, we offer Video Call Sessions that you can access from anywhere

Can family or friends attend the session with me ?

We do understand and it’s great that you have a good support system. If you’re planning to do individual face-to-face counselling, your family and friends are able to provide support by going with you to your session but we will need to ask them to wait outside for you to finish. It’s usually a better session when you have 1:1 conversations with the therapist. If they need to be in the room and also contribute to the session, we suggest booking family / group face-to-face counselling (3 pax and more) where all parties are able to be present in your counselling session and work with you on the concern at hand. For Group / Family Counselling (3 pax or more) – “All individuals, including both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, should also self-test regularly with ARTs, especially if we participate in higher-risk activities or attend large-scale events. These ART kits are now sold at most supermarkets and convenience stores”.

Is there any age limitations/restrictions to attend a session?

A person can enroll themselves if they are above 17 years of age (Tertiary level). However if your child or the person you want to enroll is under 18 years of age we may need parental consent to proceed to the process of enrollment.

How does the matching of Therapists works?

The website will show you the list of recommended therapists based on the answers that you have on the intake form. From the list you have the option to choose which you would prefer to have a session with. We may suggest taking a look at the Therapist Profile by clicking on the button beside the therapist name to know their specialization

Can CHAS cards be used to receive a discount at Safe Space?

“CHAS only works with GP doctors and clinics at present but Safe Space has submitted our application to be a service provider as well. Pending approval now on their end. More information can be found in our Instagram Highlight – Financial Help :

I have just booked a video call consultation, but can I change to face to face consultation?

You could change to face to face consultation if the Therapist you booked is acquiring a face to face set up. You could cancel your appointment for video session and create a new booking for face to face.

Is Client Data secured?

Client data is protected under the same level as PDPA standards safeguarding traditional consultations. Protected information is safeguarded through technical, administrative and physical safeguards.

What are the rates like for the sessions?
*Rates varies with Therapist and duration of the session. (
How do I pay for the session?
You can book an appointment with your preferred Therapist and make payment via Visa/Mastercard in the Payment Section.
Can I cancel my booked appointments?
  • For Video Call Counselling, cancellation of bookings can be done up to 24 hours from the scheduled session.
  • For Face to Face Counselling, we strictly do not allow any cancellations as rooms were pre-booked from the time the appointment has been confirmed.
How do I get refund for a cancelled session? How long does it take?
If there is a refund due for cancelled sessions, this will be processed within 5-7 working days and will be credited to the original mode of payment.
What is your cancellation policy for refunds?
  • Client can get full refund, if the appointment is not less than 24 hours from the time of session. 
  • Client will only get 70% refund, If the cancellation is done in 6-24 hours from the time of session. 
  • No refund will be issued if the cancellation is done 6 hours or less from the time of session.
How do I book a specific therapist?

If you would like to book a therapist on Safe Space, we are happy to share details of the therapist that would most effectively meet your needs. You can also book a specific therapist by looking through our pool of experts before making a booking. When you book a therapist on Safe Space, we do use an algorithm to match you with the best one for you, but you always have the option of choosing one yourself. Just go through the booking process and specify your preference when asked.

Where is the location for Face to Face Sessions?

For Face to Face Counselling the locations are provided in the Profile of each Therapist that offers this type of session.

Questions on Gift Card

How does your Gift Card work?

You can purchase a gift card for your family, friend or relative for them to use for a session. You may get the Gift Card from this link:

How will the Gift Card recipient be notified on this?

Gift card will be sent in the form of email.

What is the validity of the Gift Card?

They are valid for 90 days (3 months) to encourage the client to seek treatment soon. The client must book the therapy session using the voucher code within 90 days. However, the therapy date can be after the 90 day mark.

Safe Space Business

Who is Safe Space™?

Safe Space™ is a B2B2C digital mental healthcare platform that offers a blended approach of human therapy and mental health education to maintain long term mental wellness.

What does Safe Space™ offer?

Safe Space™ provides organisations with the resources and therapeutic solutions that they need to keep their employees happy, healthy and productive. We deliver a comprehensive suite of mental wellness solutions to support organisations and employees to overcome their emotional obstacles.

Is Safe Space™ officially listed as a mental health care provider in Singapore?

Yes. Safe Space™ is officially listed as a mental health care provider in Singapore and is a certified allied member of the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC). Safe Space™ is also HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant.

What types of mental health disorders does your team of therapists provide support for?

We have a wide range of clinical therapists and psychologists who support the following mental and relationship issues:

  • Stress, anxiety and depression (including bipolar).
  • Couples therapy, family therapy and grief.
  • Substance abuse, eating disorders and OCD
  • Personality disorders and trauma.
How can you say that the services you will provide to our employees are effective?

Safe Space™ offers tailored support for employers to help their employees overcome their mental health challenges, improve mindset, manage stress and increase happiness. With evidence-based therapeutic solutions, our approach is proven to decrease employee sick days and improve retention and productivity.

As an employer, what are the benefits can we get in using and partnering with Safe Space™?

As a partner, Safe Space™ will help your company.

  • Maintain employee productivity and mental wellness while they are working from home.
  • Reduce the associated business cost of high employee absence.
  • Increase business profits by improving the mental wellbeing of staff moving forward.
  • Delivering evidence-based and proven therapeutic solutions for employees suffering from any mental health issues.
What does the tiered access look like?

Safe Space™ has created a highly structured approach that helps users maintain their mental wellness and overcome mental health challenges. Support and resources have been carefully organised into three tiers to help users along their journey, wherever they are.

What are the tiers of access in Safe Space™?

Tier 1: BASIC

This level of support covers particular areas of worry and concern. BASIC tier provides access to both therapy sessions and educational materials about mental health. Compared to the FREE access, the educational content is more extensive. Price varies.


Sometimes problems and issues can be incredibly complex and in need of deep work. Our crisis aversion level of support gives users access to one-on-one therapy sessions so employees can work directly with a professional in a safe and structured environment to overcome their challenges. Premium access provides a more customised approach compared to the Basic tier. Tailored educational content such as webinars will also be provided if needed.

What are the vouchers for?

Vouchers are mainly used for our therapy services. On average, the voucher’s value is S$120.00, but it still depends on how our corporate clients want to distribute the value.

How do you screen your therapists?

Our therapists are initially screened by SAC — the first round of due diligence checks. After that, Safe Space™ will do another round of screening because it doesn’t mean that they’re registered in an association that they are still practising therapists. 


We also work with clinical supervisors to check the resumes that come through, and only if they give their green light, we onboard them on our platform.

How many therapists do you have right now?

We have over 70 therapists on our platform right now and are still growing.

Which languages can your therapists speak?

Currently, we have available therapists who can speak English, Bahasa-Malay, Mandarin, Japanese, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, Burmese, Bahasa-Indonesia and Punjabi. In addition, we are looking to add more therapists who can speak Tagalog (Filipino), Thai and Vietnamese.

My employee is looking for a therapist to whom they can send messages via text, as my employee doesn't prefer to do video calls or face-to-face counselling. Is this a service you can provide?

We currently do not offer pure online chat counselling anymore as we realised it’s not a good therapy session for the client. However, we do for the special needs community, e.g. deaf community, because they still do video call counselling, but their mic is on mute, and they can converse with our counsellor in the “Chat” function of the screen.

The therapist still needs to visually see you due to the need to know the client’s physical cues, e.g. face/eye twitch, etc., to analyse their client better.

My employee is afraid to attend the session alone. Can a family member or a friend attend the session with him/her?

If your employee is planning to do individual face-to-face counselling, their family and friends can provide support by going with them to their session. However, we will need to ask them to wait outside for them to finish. It’s usually a better session when you have 1:1 conversations with the therapist.

If they need to be in the room and contribute to the session, we suggest booking family/group face-to-face counselling (3 pax and more) where all parties can be present in your counselling session and work with your employee on the concern at hand.

Is there an option to change therapists if the employee and therapist don't click well?

Yes – our clients have complete control to change their counsellor if there’s no synergy.

How much do you charge for your webinars?

Our webinar sessions’ costs get cheaper when you purchase more. But anything more than 5 x webinars will be capped at $350.00 per hour. 

1 webinar – $500.00 per hour

3 webinars – $425.00 per hour

5 or more webinars – $350.00 per hour

We are interested in securing the cost savings for the mental health education the government is offering. Is our company eligible to secure such subsidies?

Safe Space has secured IHP WOW Funding which will give you up to S$7,000 worth of subsidies for education. You can view the eligibility requirements by clicking here However, Safe Space™ would need to refer your company to avail of such funding.

How much is the IHP WOW funding worth?

Get government cost savings for Safe Space webinars with IHP WOW Funding worth up to $7,000.

We are not interested in your therapy services right now, but we are interested in the webinars you produce. Is it possible to get the webinars instead in the meantime?

Yes, that is possible. Our webinars can be purchased separately. We can work with you regarding the content as well.

How do you make sure that the data you provide is safe?

We make sure that the data you provide is safe and secured; for more information, you can view our privacy policies here:

What are your business hours?

Currently, our working/therapy session hours are:

Weekdays – 7:00 – 00:00

Weekends and PH – 8:30 – 21:30

We are working to onboard therapists from the US and Europe to fill in the gaps in our business hours.

If employees need immediate attention on counselling, what is the shortest lead time for them to get to a therapist in Safe Space?

We can guarantee that you can book a session with our therapist within the next 24 hours. The usual wait time for other providers is between 1 week to 1 month.

Is Safe Space equipped to provide counselling/ therapy to employees based in various countries with different cultures such as the Middle East, Latin America, China, just to name a few?

Yes. Our therapists are from a very diverse group and bring in different levels of experience. Also, the majority of our therapists hold masters or above degrees in counselling.

How much time is required per workshop?

Each webinar would take 1 hour. 

Onboarding the employees would take around 30 mins (we can do a few sessions if needed).

Are any days/dates unavailable?

We will check the therapist’s availability; kindly allow around 2-3 weeks lead time to book a therapist for the workshops.

Any minimum and maximum participants per workshop?

The maximum no. of participants for Zoom would be 1000. If other video conferencing platforms are preferred, do let us know

How many topics are covered per workshop? (how many workshops are required, e.g. if we select four topics, does this mean four separate workshops? )

One topic would be covered per workshop. However, if your team wishes to have specific intended outcomes or QnAs (ask during kick-off call) for each subject, do let us know, and we will be happy to include them.

Equipment needed for the webinars? (phone, laptop etc.)

The Zoom app will need to be downloaded (free) on the device used to access the webinar. 

We will be using Slido as an anonymous audience engagement tool, which can be accessed via any browser on Smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Questions for Therapists

Minimum required hours for Therapist

A minimum of five (5) booked hours per month, for video call counselling and minimum rate of SGD $80/hour.

Can I run my own practice?

Running your own practice is not a conflict with Safe Space. We understand that your practice is your main source of income and for the hours that have not been booked out, please use Safe Space as a client sourcing platform to fill up the free hours. When we say “business that is direct competition” we mean other counselling apps e.g. TalkSpace or BetterHelp where their primary business is mental health (counselling) technology and not a counselling practice. 

Can I conduct tele-counselling in my own practice?

Please continue to provide tele-counselling in your own practice as that is your main source of income. When we say “business that is direct competition” we mean other counselling apps e.g. TalkSpace or BetterHelp where their primary business is mental health (counselling) technology and not a counselling practice. 

All of this will be covered in your platform training and you’re able to reach out to the support team if you have any questions. Contact [email protected] for queries. 

For hotmail users, we recommend to switch to Gmail address as there are currently issues where notifications are not synced up.

Supervision sessions

You are able to seek supervision from Safe Space’ Clinical Supervisor if you do not have your own supervisor. Additonal charges apply and rates to be discussed between therapist and clinical superviosr. Clinical supervisor: Tan Soh Hiang and Dr Jasmine Yeo.

Session mode

Should you prefer to only do video call counselling for now due to COVID-19, we respect your decision and you are able to do that. We provide Video Call and Face-to-Face counselling only for now which is booked via the Safe Space website. 

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