Our flagship report on the mental health of startup founders in Singapore has shone a light on the mental health impact that starting up a company has on founders and their teams. We interviewed over 150 startup founders and have assembled the most comprehensive 360 degree view of mental health in startups.

The report covers the key triggers of stress, coping mechanisms, the impact of Coronavirus and the key difference between male, female solo and co-founded startups.

Based on our key findings, we have worked with our team of therapists who offer advice and guidance throughout the whitepaper to help founders take appropriate steps to care for both their mental health and the mental health of their teams.

Here’ are some key take aways from the white paper:

  • The top 12 stressors that startup founders face as they construct their companies.
  • The 3 vital elements to improving the resilience and effectiveness of an organisation.
  • The 10 most common coping strategies that entrepreneurs use in order to cope with stress.
  • 4 ways of increasing output, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.

Click on the cover below to get access to the white paper:

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