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Safe Space is a B2B2C online/offline mental health counselling service platform that allows user to book a counselling session anytime, anywhere.

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Have counselling anywhere, anytime, and with any clinical professionals at your preference

Support more than 29 languages including dialect

Connect with over 300 clinical therapists and coaches across Asia, Oceania, Middle East, Europe and North America.

Get matched with a clinical professional fast & easy.

Pay as you go with fee as low as S$30 / hour. No subscription.

Attend the appointment with as short as 2 hours waiting time.

1) I want to try out counselling myself

How to book a counselling session at Safe Space in 4 steps?

1. Visit the Safe Space™️ booking platform

Click here and get matched with a therapist.

2. Select a therapist and date/time

If you are using RP_2304_TMC_10%, select any therapist from the results list.

If you are using RP_2304_TMC_100%, click “Filter Therapists” and filter the Price to $30-40. You will see the list of counsellors-in-training.

3. Get up to 100% off with your therapy promo code

At the payment page, apply the promo code and click “Make Booking.”

4. Complete

You will receive a confirmation email upon successful booking. If your session is online, it will be conducted via your client dashboard.

2) I want to give my employees mental health support

How does pay-per-use EAP work at Safe Space?

At Safe Space™, a digital mental health service provider, we are on a mission to create a happier workplace for our clients like P&G, TBWA and Ogilvy. 

Our Employee-Assistance-Program (EAP) provides same day counselling / coaching support, with webinars and workshops for your employees at a rate as low as $500. As an employer, this is how you can sponsor counselling sessions:

1. Employer buy counselling sessions
Employer will buy counseling session for employees in the form of promo codes.
2. Employee use the code to book
Employee will use the promo code when booking a therapy session.
3. Employer can track the utilisation
Employer can track the anonymous utilisation on this dashboard: promo code utilisation, feelings, and reasons for counselling.

Why Safe Space?

Safe Space helps diverse people and teams live happier and more productive lives by making effective and relevant mental healthcare and education simple and accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.

With over 230 therapists from different countries speaking multiple languages, we are able to cater to a wide variety of people, understanding cultural differences. We have seen positive impact on our users with 93.7% of them experiencing a positive impact on their mental health after counselling sessions with our therapists.

Safe Space can help you live a happier and more productive life through our relevant and effective mental healthcare and education.

What our clients said…

“After around 6 sessions with my therapist, I felt more self aware of my behavioural patterns and she has allowed me to express my thoughts and feelings in a very safe and non judgemental manner. The first (two) steps are always the hardest to overcome but you can only benefit from being open and honest with your counsellor.”

Juliana, 33

“Getting access to a therapist quickly is perhaps the most powerful way for someone to get started. If I were in a fret and had to wait for my first session with a 1-2 months delay, I’d end up not seeking help.”
John, 28

“It’s been a pleasure partnering with Antoinette (Safe Space™) on some of the programs and initiatives. It’s heartwarming to witness the pioneering work she is leading in the space of Mental Well-being. I am so excited to see what the future holds for Antoinette and this path-breaking adventure she has embarked upon!”
Rachna Nazir

Head of HR APAC, Airbnb

“Safe Space™ is so accessible and convenient that I was able to book my consultation at 3am in the morning when the demons invaded my mind. Booking was instant and in a week or so, I was able to meet my therapist.”
Kate, 25

Life-changing improvement for your employees and actionable insights for your business

92% users reported Safe Space™ having a better impact on their mental well-being as compared to other solutions.
Source: Safe Space™ 2022 Q4 Impact Measurement Survey

96% Users agreed that Safe Space™ makes a positive impact on their mental health.
Source: Safe Space™ 2022 Q4 Impact Measurement Survey

Safe Space™’s net-promoter score is 2x higher than other EAP providers.
Source: Qualtrics