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Managed EAP Package

End-to-end support from prevention to mental health crisis management. Package is customised to your need: from counselling, coaching, webinars, workshops, HR consultancy, to research.


Dedicated account manager

Crisis support

HR consultancy

Customisable support

Monthly insights report

Dependents support

Which services are available for managed EAP?

Counselling / Coaching Sessions

Certified clinical therapists and life coaches to help employees fulfill the potential of their different facets of life.

Payment method: Pre-paid and Pay-per-use

You will get:

✅ Counselling / coaching services

✅ Executive, career, and life coaching

✅ Employee utilisation real-time insights on HR dashboard

✅ 400+ strictly vetted therapists / coaches across Asia, Oceania, Middle East, Europe and North america

✅ 30 languages available in counselling session including dialect

✅ Waiting time less than 3 hours

✅ User-friendly across all age groups; including 50 and above

✅ Flexible payment terms based on your need.

❇️ Crisis support

❇️ Dedicated account manager

❇️ Live onboarding session to answer any questions

❇️ Customisable counselling support

❇️ Employee’s dependent support

Webinars / Workshops

From webinars to in-person workshops, we provide highly sought-after trainers to impart practical mental health skills and knowledge

Payment method: Pre-paid

You will get:
✅ Choose from existing catalogue of 75+ webinar / workshop topics

✅ Post webinar / workshop insights report

✅ English facilitation available

✅ Professional clinical speakers

✅ No minimum participants required

✅ Onsite and online available

✅ High engagement rate

❇️ Customised topic and content

❇️ Customised speaker

❇️ Customised language

❇️ Customised topic and content

❇️ Liaise the date / time via email

❇️ Bundle discount

HR Consultancy

Supporting HR managers in strategising, planning and executing best practices in workplace mental health.


Develop deeper insights into the mental health landscape to create impactful and innovative outcomes.

Safe Space™’s net-promoter score is 2x higher than other EAP providers

92% users reported Safe Space™ having a better impact on their mental well-being as compared to other solutions.
Source: Safe Space™ 2022 Q4 Impact Measurement Survey

96% Users agreed that Safe Space™ makes a positive impact on their mental health.
Source: Safe Space™ 2022 Q4 Impact Measurement Survey

Safe Space™’s net-promoter score is 2x higher than other EAP providers.
Source: Qualtrics

Safe Space™ v.s. Other Providers


Safe Space™

Global EAP Provider

Traditional Therapy

Credit payment, pay-per-use EAP

Employee’s dependent can use
Employee utilisation real-time insights
Therapist speak dialect
Waiting time less than 3 hours

Testimonials from our clients

“Their dedication and commitment to our employees and dependents is outstanding. We appreciate their attention details and approach. We hope this partnership can continue well into the future.”—Pei Jin, Medical Specialist at P&G
“Safe space™ has worked with us to tailor a referral process that is mutually suitable. They have been responsive to our referrals made and onboarding emails to clients have been sent to clients promptly after referrals. They also provided update on the statistics of how many onboarded clients have actually started to use the platform. The platform provides the flexibility and autonomy for clients who have individual preferences with regards to their therapy needs that might not be met by other therapy options. It empowers clients to play an active role in their recovery journey through the process of enrolling and selecting therapists based on their needs. It is our go-to platform to recommend clients when they have specific preferences. Do consider adding Safe Space as an option for therapy services for your clients.”—Nastasia Jasmine Tang, Associate Psychologist at Institute of Mental Health

“It’s great to have Safe Space™ team as partners. Not only do they have Experts who clearly give our employees knowledge, they also give practical tips and solutions. During sessions, they also engage the audience. But what I love most is that, they work with us to customize their content to make sure that the topics are highly relevant for our teams and our industry.”—Vanessa, Regional Director, Talent Development

How we protect you and your employees’ privacy

Your safety and privacy is our utmost priority. We are constantly improving the security measure of our platform. Here is what we have accomplished:

We integrated products that are PDPA, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant for our therapy services

All data on the HR dashboard are anonymously aggregated

We are ISO27001 certified

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Safe Space™?

Safe Space™ is a B2B2C digital mental healthcare platform that offers a blended approach of human therapy and mental health education to maintain long term mental wellness.

Is Safe Space™ officially listed as a mental health care provider in Singapore?

Yes. Safe Space™ is officially listed as a mental health care provider in Singapore and is a certified allied member of the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC). Safe Space™ is also HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant.

What types of mental health disorders does your team of therapists provide support for?

We have a wide range of clinical therapists and psychologists who support the following mental and relationship issues:

  • Stress, anxiety and depression (including bipolar).
  • Couples therapy, family therapy and grief.
  • Substance abuse, eating disorders and OCD
  • Personality disorders and trauma.
Why is an employee assistance program important?

Even though mental health is a private matter, mental health and wellbeing can have wider effects on an individual and even negatively affect their work. An employee assistance programme can help with this. Stress can make it difficult for us to focus, let alone do our best work, on even the best of days. An employee’s mental health issues can lead to burnout, disengagement, and excessive sick leave, as well as strained workplace relationships. An effective employee assistance programme can prevent this from impacting the bottom line.

What does Safe Space™ offer?

Safe Space™ provides organisations with the resources and therapeutic solutions that they need to keep their employees happy, healthy and productive. We deliver a comprehensive suite of mental wellness solutions to support organisations and employees to overcome their emotional obstacles.

How can you say that the services you will provide to our employees are effective?

Safe Space™ offers tailored support for employers to help their employees overcome their mental health challenges, improve mindset, manage stress and increase happiness. With evidence-based therapeutic solutions, our approach is proven to decrease employee sick days and improve retention and productivity.

As an employer, what are the benefits can we get in using and partnering with Safe Space™?

As a partner, Safe Space™ will help your company.

  • Maintain employee productivity and mental wellness while they are working from home.
  • Reduce the associated business cost of high employee absence.
  • Increase business profits by improving the mental wellbeing of staff moving forward.
  • Delivering evidence-based and proven therapeutic solutions for employees suffering from any mental health issues.
How does Safe Space™ complement your employee assistance program?

An employee assistance programme offers employees access to confidential counsellors and resources. However, employers receive no information about what happens during the sessions or how the employee uses the employee assistance programme. With Safe Space, employers receive a bespoke employee assistance programme that meets the unique needs of their teams. Furthermore, HR teams can check on the progress each employee is making on their mental health journey, which provides an insight into cost-effectiveness.

EAP with Safe Space™

An employee assistance program (EAP) is a work-based intervention program designed to assist employees in resolving personal problems that may be adversely affecting the employee’s performance. Counselling can assist with anyone dealing with personal and work-related problems. A confidential counselling service can help employees with these issues and get back to leading a happy and productive life at home and work. This confidential workplace service is usually something employers pay for and is free to employees.

An EAP provides your employees with access to the support and care they need.

1. Nationalwide clinical treatment

2. Instant access and ease of confidential care

3. Same day treatment

4. One-stop mental health service provider

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