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What is a safe space for mental health?

Why do you need a safe space?

Simply put, a safe space is a place where people can feel safe and at ease. It is difficult to talk about mental well-being. Being able to discuss our concerns and challenges within a safe environment can be both liberating and productive. Providing a safe space for mental health requires an environment that is judgment-free, open, and supportive. An ideal safe space brings about a positive change in our mental wellness.

A safe space is important because it provides you with the following benefits:

  • A safe space to escape from judgmental behaviour
  • A safe space where you can express your thoughts and feelings
  • Support from professionals in the field
  • Access to expert advice, information and answers
  • A safe space to begin the healing process
  • Discretion and complete confidentiality

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By going for family counselling, it can enhance skills required for healthy family functioning.


Your therapist can be a relationship guide to help strengthen your relationship and support each other for the long-run.


Improve communication and interpersonal skills, increased confidence, better anger and emotion management, relief from anxiety and depression.


Help your friend or family member take their first step into speaking with a professional therapist anytime, anywhere.

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They said

“Richard (therapist) has been very helpful in providing me with the knowledge of how to manage myself in a relationship and to understand the importance of retaining my individual personality.”

PCY, 29 Safe Space™ Client

“Safe Space has helped me start my journey into self-recovery with an easy booking process and accessible therapists.

Kristabel, 27 Safe Space™ Client

“We are thankful that Safe Space has allowed us to provide our clients with the help they in addition to our dating and image services. The team has been a delight to work with!”

Dolly Fleek Coach. (B2B)

“Cordelia has helped me to come up with a more positive narrative about myself, which helps me to feel better about myself and improve my well-being. She has also aided me in directing attention to places where I can focus more on and improve upon.”

G, 24 Safe Space™ Client

“It is a good platform, but I may require more sessions to gain more insights on how to help myself.”

Marvy, 24 Safe Space™ Client

“A fair amount of time for the therapist to listen and advise at the same time.”

Ernie, 31 Safe Space™ Client

“The therapists at Safe Space have helped me to recognise and undo the harmful thinking patterns that I have developed from growing up in an abusive household. It has helped me to move forward in my life to reach my full potential.”

J, 23 Safe Space™ Client

“I came with no expectations, but left feeling lighter. I have greater awareness over my thoughts, behaviors and actions”

Jx, 22 Safe Space™ Client

“She (Suraya Ali) has helped me identify that some of my coping mechanisms are short term solutions and may incur even greater problems in the future. The exercises we did were very self enriching and it made me realise about certain things that I didn't know about myself.”

Warda, 29 Safe Space™ Client

“Cecilia (therapist) ’s holistic way of breaking down my emotions and responses to them have been eye opening and greatly help me with my understanding of myself.”

Greg, 24 Safe Space™ Client

“I like how Safe Space makes it easy to make appointments with therapists of your choice, with just a few clicks.”

YS, 20 Safe Space™ Client

“Aditi Chatterjee (therapist) has helped me recognize my depression!”

Clare, 42 Safe Space™ Client

“They (Cordelia - therapist) have listened to me and provided an outside perspective on my problems, which alleviated the intense emotions I was feeling at that time.”

S.q., 27 Safe Space™ Client

“Joan (therapist) has been really patient and kind from our very first session. She has been very encouraging and has given me practical solutions to my issues.”

Rachael, 25 Safe Space™ Client

"It has been a privilege to work with Safe Space from its start and witness its exciting growth. The readiness of the current video counselling platform was timely given the unwelcome onset of the pandemic. Kudos to Anto for her passion and consistently looking out for the interests of Safe Space therapists. I am grateful for this opportunity to be a part of the professional mental health community to avail help to the public."

Cecilia Mok Freelance Psychotherapist (Singapore)

“Friendly and professional therapists at a great price and convenience, able to book as many or as few sessions as you like, even on weekends, unlike certain other public mental health institutions.”

Cygig, 33 Safe Space™ Client

Safe Space has been a great platform for me to engage with. They have been deliberate and precise with their intention to make the logistics around counselling so easy. I am truly grateful for their effort and dedication to make mental health accessible, to open up the discussions on it and to provide an online platform for it. Thank you.

Deepika Mulchandani Freelance Counsellor & Psychotherapist (Singapore)

“The process of selecting a therapist according to your needs is an easy step on Safe Space platform. Admin staffs and therapist are so kind and understanding, always willing to help. Session with Srividhya (therapist) has been comforting, very professional and makes me feel heard. She asked questions to stimulate my thoughts and provides insightful advice which I can apply to my problems. Thank you Safe Space!”

Mai, 37 Safe Space™ Client

“Served as a convenient and accessible platform for effective online therapy”

Bel, 22 Safe Space™ Client

“It's easily accessible in such uncertain times and you're able to have sessions in the comfort of your own home. The services are easy to navigate and information about the therapists are at your fingertips.”

Brenda, 24 Safe Space™ Client

“In view of marriage and work challenges, I was finding it very difficult to manage my emotions and stress level. My sleep and relationship with others were affected, and I am constantly unhappy and resentful. I am glad I took the first step to search for virtual counselling sessions and found Safe Space. Cordelia (therapist) is always patient in listening and gently suggesting ways to help me manage better. I feel that I am able to cope with things better now, and am confident that I will get even better in time. This is one of the best investments I have made for myself.”

Joycelyn, 38 Safe Space™ Client

Safe Space has given me a listening ear when I felt like I had no voice. It provided me with a clear assessment of who I am when I felt lost. My counsellor showed me only compassion and unconditional positive regard, and has helped me realise so much. I highly recommend Safe Space to anyone out there who needs a listening ear. Sometimes talking to friends or bottling things up just doesn’t cut it anymore, and before you feel tempted to spiral into self-hate and depths of pain, reach out. Reach out and speak to someone who’s enabled to help you. Safe Space provides that.

“They've provided a source of emotional support when I most needed it, and understanding of my difficulties. Great selection of available therapists and convenient to use. Glad to have found Safe Space during these difficult times!”

Happypotter, 30 Safe Space™ Client

Safe Space has been my first online platform for counselling, I was not sure if I will be able to do online counselling as I have been so used to providing face-to-face counselling, yet Safe Space team has made it easy for me to make online counselling possible, especially in the midst of this global pandemic. Thank you Safe Space team!

Carla Wangsahardja Freelance Counsellor (Jakarta)

“Safe Space provides an option for people who are not ready for face-to-face counselling to take a small step towards it through the online platform. I applaud the team for making the option available”

Rose Faquir Clinical Counsellor & Supervisor @ Restoring Peace

Thank you for doing The Woke Salaryman collab! I have a friend who's from Indonesia and she's been struggling with her mental health a lot - but she's considered a foreigner here and have been really hesitant about seeking therapy because of the cost. I forwarded it immediately to her but I'm not sure whether she signed up, but I just wanted to share how thankful I am and appreciated this is!

“I feel safe and heard without being judged”

Anya, 20 Safe Space™ Client

"Safespace does a good job of marketing and visibility in projecting the Counsellors. Also there is flexibility to the Counsellors to take on clients based on their work load. Thankyou safe space."

Srividhya Sridhar Freelance Counsellor (Singapore)

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