Testimonials for Safe Space

“Safe Space’s short wait time to speak with a therapist really helps with reducing the lag time between needing help and getting help. Platform is intuitive. Therapists are professional and great to work with. I’ve been recommending Safe Space to my friends too :)”



“Safe Space has made researching a therapist much less daunting and more fuss-free. The space doesn’t seem too clinical or intimidating and it has an accessible vibe to it.”



“After around 6 sessions with my therapist, I felt more self aware of my behavioural patterns and she has allowed me to express my thoughts and feelings in a very safe and non judgemental manner. The first (two) steps are always the hardest to overcome but you can only benefit from being open and honest with your counsellor.”



“Getting access to a therapist quickly is perhaps the most powerful way for someone to get started. If I were in a fret and had to wait for my first session with a 1-2 months delay, I’d end up not seeking help”



“Safespace is so accessible and convenient that I was able to book my consultation at 3am in the morning when the demons invaded my mind. Booking was instant and in a week or so, I was able to meet my therapist.”



“Safe Space has helped me to accept myself and my feelings, so that I am able to become my most confident and stable self today”



The process of selecting a therapist according to your needs is an easy step on Safe Space platform. Admin staffs and therapist are so kind and understanding, always willing to help. Session with Srividhya has been comforting, very professional and makes me feel heard. She asks questions to stimulate my thoughts and provides insightful advice which I can apply to my problems. Thank you Safe Space!”



“Safe space is convenient and an easily accessible platform with affordable prices that lets you see your preferred therapist. My therapist has helped me improve my overall state of well being and aiming to achieve a better outlook on my own personal life”



I feel safe and heard without being judged”



Testimonials for Safe Space Therapists

In view of marriage and work challenges, I was finding it very difficult to manage my emotions and stress level. My sleep and relationship with others were affected, and I am constantly unhappy and resentful. I am glad I took the first step to search for virtual counselling sessions and found Safe Space. Cordelia is always patient in listening and gently suggesting ways to help me manage better. I feel that I am able to cope with things better now, and am confident that I will get even better in time. This is one of the best investments I have made for myself.”



Even though it was our first session together, I felt safe with Aditi almost immediately. I’m only rating whether the therapist and the session was a good fit an 8 because there’s room to grow in future sessions. I had no fear of being judged and didn’t feel the need to censor. Aditi provided a space that allowed me to speak freely while also giving valuable insight and advice. I’m looking forward to progress and our next session.”


Cecilia’s holistic way of breaking down my emotions and responses to them have been eye opening and greatly help me with my understanding of myself.”



“Dr Yeo has definitely help me shape my thoughts and feelings despite only having 2 sessions with her. I feel like I am receiving feedback and advice from someone who is outside of the situation as well, allowing me to take in the information from a different perspective. She also made me more aware of my thought patterns, and how my actions lead to such thoughts or habits etc. I have definitely grown a lot and will always keep in mine the advice she has given.”



“She (Suraya Ali) has helped me identify that some of my coping mechanisms are short term solutions and may incur even greater problems in the future. The exercises we did were very self enriching and it made me realise about certain things that I didn’t know about myself.”



“This platform increases accessibility of therapy for the masses, which is extremely important in this day and age where mental health should and MUST be prioritised. I trust Dr Jasmine and look forward to every session with her.”



Testimonials from Corporate clients

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