Although mental health is a personal issue, the effects of an individual’s mental health and wellbeing can be far-reaching and even impact their work life. You work hard to hire the best people, and you have the opportunity as an employer to help them care for their whole selves, beyond the office walls.

Why is an employee assistance program important?

Even though mental health is a private matter, mental health and wellbeing can have wider effects on an individual and even negatively affect their work. An employee assistance programme can help with this. Stress can make it difficult for us to focus, let alone do our best work, on even the best of days. An employee’s mental health issues can lead to burnout, disengagement, and excessive sick leave, as well as strained workplace relationships. An effective employee assistance programme can prevent this from impacting the bottom line.

How does Safe Space complement your employee assistance program?

An employee assistance programme offers employees access to confidential counsellors and resources. However, employers receive no information about what happens during the sessions or how the employee uses the employee assistance programme. With Safe Space, employers receive a bespoke employee assistance programme that meets the unique needs of their teams. Furthermore, HR teams can check on the progress each employee is making on their mental health journey, which provides an insight into cost-effectiveness.

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What Is a Digital EAP?

An employee assistance program (EAP) is a work-based intervention program designed to assist employees in resolving personal problems that may be adversely affecting the employee’s performance. Counselling can assist with anyone dealing with personal and work-related problems. A confidential counselling service can help employees with these issues and get back to leading a happy and productive life at home and work. This confidential workplace service is usually something employers pay for and is free to employees.

An EAP provides your employees with access to the support and care they need.

1. Nationalwide clinical treatment

2. Instant access and ease of confidential care

3. Same day treatment

4. One-stop mental health service provider

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